DavinSy Maestro is the Software-as-a-Service companion of DavinSy from first design steps to maintenance of your DavinSy powered product on the field:






Most of the tools available in DavinSy Maestro can be used online on Bondzai’s portal or offline using the pages cached in your browser.

In order to access your device through your specific transport layer, DavinSy Maestro relies on a proxy brick making the link between the embedded world of your device and the Webservice world of Maestro. This proxy translates the native binary language of DavinSy transported on top of your specific transport layer to standard JSON on top of websockets.

Thus, when necessary, you can write your own tools on top of this public and documented API.

At conception phase

  • Graphical tool to build and display your application in a low code mode
  • Data sample management tool to upload, visualize and clean your test data. Note that thanks to DALE you only need a very small dataset to start (for example 2 or 3 recordings of your voice are sufficient to start designing the application).

At test phase

  • Device simulator to test your application in conditions close to the real on-device ones (Memory, Communication…). The device simulator can also be used to simulate the interaction between several devices.
  • Profiler tool to find the best configuration for your adaptation layer and allocate the exact amount of memory to DavinSy for your use-case.

At prototyping phase

  • Code repository containing a set of implementations for the standard dev boards from our partners.
  • Loader tool to load your application on one of the dev boards.
  • Administration tool to get the logs from the device, explore its database and update its firmware and applications.

    At production phase (all these tools are available as docker containers)

    • Compilation toolchain to generate the DavinSy secured library containing your application.
    • Generator of batches of binaries with a per device security for your production.
    • Test suite to integrate in your production workflow.

    At maintenance phase

    • Remote device management backend, handling remote access to logs and database. The remote device management backend also allows device update by batches (application update, install or delete).

    Free to try

    Create an account, get access to DavinSy Maestro and try it with your own data

    Keep your habits

    Plug seamlessly DavinSy into your Tensorflow Models and enjoy its tremendously fast learning capabilities

    Get support

    Join our forum and get support from the community and from our experts

    Access our repository

    Register to our site and get access to our code repository. Find examples of Middleware Adaptation Layers for several development boards of our partners

    Use our Rest and Websocket API

    Integrate DavinSy Maestro to your device management services using our Rest API using a dedicated API Key.
    Develop your own tools using the Websocket API

    Specific needs

    Our team is here to help you on the road to product introduction. Customized DavinSy will address your some specific needs

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