IDetect-4.0 and Security

IDetect-4.0 improves your security

By using iDetect-4.0, you will improve the security of your system on different levels. Let’s see how.

Diminish attack surface by decreasing communication needs

Sensitive and crucial data frequently flow through the internal production network. Additionally, unauthorized access by malicious individuals to this network poses a significant risk to production operations. Hence, it’s common practice to isolate the production local network from both the internet and the company’s intranet.


    1. iDetect-4.0, despite providing cloud connectivity options, operates entirely autonomously and can function locally for both inference and training without requiring access to any external networks.
Keep your data local

The data gathered for predictive maintenance holds high sensitivity, revealing insights into production throughput, failure rates, and production quality, along with details of operator activity. By maintaining all this data locally, iDetect-4.0 ensures it remains safeguarded from malicious entities.

Avoid illicit copies of your softwareiDetect-4.0 instances are linked to the host hardware. This prevent unwanted copies of your software.

Keep your Algorithms secret

iDetect-4.0 leverages DavinSy agents, compiled using QAP from Quarkslab.This ensures that the proprietary code embedded within the agents is obfuscated, making it resistant to reverse engineering. Additionally, QAP guarantees the integrity of the code, preventing any unauthorized tampering.

Ensure continuous Performance improvement

Thanks to its local MLOPs and a rigorous three-level validation process, iDetect-4.0 ensures that any declines in model performance, whether deliberate or due to labeling issues, are avoided. This commitment to quality assurance guarantees continuous improvement in fault detection performance with iDetect-4.0.

Monitor your production process

With its ability to recognize when data surpasses its domain of knowledge, iDetect-4.0, leveraging DavinSy, promptly notifies users of any unexpected or previously unseen events.

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